Kindergarten Club

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Kindergarten Club

Age Range:
4 – 5 years
Areas of Learning:

Writing Practice

Imagination Development


Science & Math


Starts the week of January 22nd

What is Kindergarten Club?

Kindergarten Club typically starts in January during the last year of preschool.  This unique program is designed to help our students become more comfortable with the transition into Kindergarten, fine tune the skills necessary to enter elementary school and celebrate this upcoming special milestone in their lives in a variety of fun and challenging ways.

What can my child expect at Kindergarten Club?

Students will be exposed to a variety of Kindergarten readiness skills: writing practice, imagination development, journaling, science, math and literature-based activities. Through our thoughtfully planned curriculum, our students will develop longer attention and concentration spans while learning the basic concepts that are expected in Kindergarten. In addition our students will learn critical safety skills like reciting and writing their address and telephone number as well as understanding when and how to dial 911.

What are your outcomes of Kindergarten Club?

A 2016 research study shows 93% of Cadence Education® students to be ready for Kindergarten (we don’t want to brag, but 70% tested at an advanced readiness for kindergarten).*

Our students are very proud to be a part of Kindergarten Club. They wear their special Kindergarten Club T-shirt and personal name badge with pride. By June they have a wonderful collection of the special activities they’ve completed, compiled in their K-Club Book.

Why is Kindergarten Club important?

We personally believe Kindergarten Club reduces or eliminates the anxiety and apprehension children may experience with the thought of leaving the comfort of their friends and teachers at preschool. Kindergarten Club helps to build confidence and creates a smooth and worry-free transition into elementary school for all.

A recent article in Bloomberg titled “Ten Reasons Why Early Childhood Education Pays Off”, states that “when a young child enters kindergarten ready for school, there is an 82 percent chance that child will master basic skills by age 11, compared with a 45 percent chance for children who are not school ready.”

*Study using Scholastic Kindergarten readiness test conducted with 1093 four year olds enrolled in a full-time program, who had been with Cadence Education® at least a year.