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Age Range:
6 weeks – 1 year
Areas of Learning:

Baby Signs®

Social Stimulation

Motor Skills Development

Loving Beginnings

We know how important the early years are in a child’s development. Our infant and toddler caregivers are actually educators because they carefully blend the responsibility of providing the highest quality care and security to your child, while at the same time offering your child a wealth of learning experiences through everyday activities. The keystone in our high quality program is a curriculum that is specifically designed for children from birth to 2 years old. Our educators design daily routines that focus on supporting and nurturing the developmental stages that each child is experiencing.

When you look in our infant rooms, you might see a caregiver playing “peek-a-boo” with a four month old, signing “more” or “milk” to a one-year old, reciting a nursery rhyme to a toddler as she changes a diaper, or reading a book about sea life to a group of young three year olds in front of our teaching aquarium. Each of these simple experiences has a profound effect on a young child’s development. Just a food nourishes the body, these experiences nourish your child’s brain.

You can be confident when you select Pusch Ridge Preschool & Kindergarten to care for your precious baby. We are committed to making this first transition away from home natural and easy for both you and your child.

Partnership With Parents: We will work with you to develop a daily schedule for your infant that will include ample playtime, cozy nap times, and secure feeding times. We will utilize this schedule as our guide to introduce activities that will stimulate both the brain and body and will focus on skills linked to cognitive, social, language, large and fine-motor development.

Keeping You Informed: We understand the critical importance of keeping you up to date regarding all aspects of your baby’s day. Regular communication with your child’s caregivers is the hallmark of our infant programs. Daily you will receive a detailed written report of your baby’s feeding, sleeping, diapering and learning activities. Our teachers will also capture and document many of your baby’s special moments by snapping candid photos throughout the day. You can choose to receive these photographs via email or at day’s end. Additionally, you will always be welcome to call the infant nursery to chat with the caregivers during the day or drop in to visit and spend time with your little one.

Stimulating Environments Matter: Our infant nursery is designed so that all children can learn and flourish. Our play areas are designed with plenty of room for exploration and movement and are filled with carefully selected toys and books designed to positively affect all areas of your baby’s development. To insure that your baby has ample opportunities for movement and exploration which will enhance his burgeoning motor skills, your baby will be provided with ample opportunities to stretch, move and motor about the classroom

Safety First and Foremost: As babies begin to develop their motor skills, their early attempts at sitting up, creeping, crawling and walking are often very unsteady. For that reason, our infant nursery is designed with your baby’s safety in mind. We comply with the strictest state and federal regulations as well as those imposed by toy and equipment manufacturers but our efforts don’t stop there. Our trained and observant caregivers recognize how important a safe environment is and this understanding guides all of their decisions and interactions.

Responsive Caregivers: Because babies develop an understanding of themselves through interactions with other people, our caregivers will be consistently responsive to the needs of your little one. Our warm and caring staff will support your baby’s emotional needs and will always be a careful observer of him.

Learning Times: We know that babies have a tremendous capacity for learning. Our caring teachers will make reading to, talking to and singing with your baby a priority in order to encourage language development. Using a balance of planned and spontaneous activities based on your baby’s developmental needs and interests, your little one will be helped to grow at his or her own pace.

Helping Babies Communicate: We proudly introduce all infants to Baby Signs®, the original sign language program for hearing babies. This research-proven and very fun program is a natural sign language that will allow your baby to use simple signs to communicate important things—like being hungry, tired, hot or cold– often long before he can speak. This program has many dramatic benefits including decreased frustration for baby, parent and caregiver and many emotional development boosts.